I think the steampunk story generator is producing more stories I want to read than any previous version.
The story begins with shifting identities, and ends with a conspiracy. It features a tomboy and a gunsmith, but the overall narrative is about the weight of personal history.

Your story is a romance between a daring engineer and an anarchist. The lovers experience airship pirates and angst while in a historical setting.

It starts in an empty public place at night, with a laboratory assistant. The antagonist is a prince and motivated because they're looking for an honorable way to commit suicide, and the plot involves elements like silk sheets and unresolved sexual tension building slowly over time.

It begins with a soldier in the Khyber Pass. This person meets a boy who cries and together they encounter watching someone sleep and a character backed into a corner. The story winds up in a caravanserai and features inequities in beauty, rank, or class. The overall narrative contains the non-human as genuinely strange and incomprehensible.

"So a tough woman in a dangerous situation and an irritable mastermind walk into a bar..."

The plot starts because of a misunderstanding about a train robbery. The protagonist, a mad scientist who has a school uniform, ends up in a royal court with a woman that everyone is scared of.

A team of explorers consisting of a deceptively skinny man, a man disguised as a courtesan, a clever street urchin, a martyr, and a highwayman discover an artifact from a war. Complications ensue involving a hug, a near-death experience, and Dr. Draper Stone's Steam Gun.

It starts in Mount Kilimanjaro, with an erudite criminal. The antagonist is a superhuman and motivated to avoid the pain they feel inside, and the plot involves elements like searching through the ages and unintentional transformation.

The narrative has a sense of the numinous. Romance blossoms between a charming sidekick and an officer in Her Majesty's armed service, while difficulties they encounter include an airlock and a moment evoking nostalgia.

The story concerns the edge of insanity. Romance blossoms between a villain with principles and a recovering junkie, while difficulties they encounter include a death ray and danger and rescue and someone who is motivated because they've always wanted to be a hero.

The protagonist of this story is a royal bastard who has a wedding ring. On the way to the story's conclusion the protagonist encounters a don. This person has an unnatural hair color. Plot elements include violence and adrenaline and crises, and at least one character is motivated because kicking ass is fun.
I'll eventually get tired of this generator, but not yet.
Tags: random generator, steampunk
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