Why is it that everyone who has BOTH our phone numbers calls me instead of Toby? The property management company, the electrician, delivery people, everyone who tries to call us regarding something professional, as opposed to friendly, calls ME. Even when we put special instructions on the sheet to call Toby!

Toby telecommutes, so he's at home 90% of the time and it makes sense for him to be the point of contact. Yet, *I* get called ... and not only do I not know the best time to deliver this afternoon, or when to come by and do some work on the house, or anything like that because I don't know when he has to take his lunch, but my work phone message light isn't visible except from a certain angle, so messages left there go unanswered until I notice them.

This frustrated post brought to you by noticing the message on MY work phone at 1:45 PM left by the electrician at 8:50 AM in regards to the work order that TOBY put in yesterday afternoon for the outlet that CRACKLES and the nonworking switch nearby. AAAAARRRGGGGGHHHHH!!

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Tags: aaaaagh!
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