Reason #423423 why myrialux is an awesometastic boyfriend:

Chocolate Blackout Cake.

He offered to make a dessert for me to celebrate 40 (well, 38, technically) days minus sweets. This comes from one of the America's Test Kitchen magazines (not the monthlies, but the specials), but I've forgotten which one. It's basically chocolate cake with pudding layers, covered with pudding, with crumbled chocolate cake pressed into it.

myrialux got very frustrated during the making of this* so you guys need to tell him how awesome he is for doing it anyway. :D

* Especially because the directions assume that you do not have the mind of an engineer: when making the pudding, it says to take off the heat once it starts to bubble. myrialux therefore took it off the heat as soon as he saw bubbles appearing that were not made by his stirring. What it SHOULD have said was "take off the heat once it starts bubbling and getting thicker." Re-heating it worked, however.

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