State of the Telophase and her subconscious

I managed to hurt my back last night by the complex and subtle maneuver of reaching forward to get a glass of water. It's nowhere near as bad as I've hurt it previously, and seems to be much less at the moment, but because I have hurt it previously in the same spot (a ligament in my lower back), I'm going in to the doc anyway this afternoon. I spent years unable to walk or stand for long without pain, and gained 50 pounds because of that which didn't help, because I didn't get a back problem looked at soon enough (no insurance at the time), so I'm not inclined to treat this casually.

Again, my subconscious comes up with elaborate plans during the night. I totally dreamed this: in the dream, I came up with a plan to make a short comic book PSA about sex and issues around it, for the younger crowds attending anime conventions, in the same sort of vein as the Death PSA on AIDS/condoms that Gaiman wrote some time ago. Explaining what to do when the guy you just met at the con asks you to accompany him back to his hotel room "just to pick up some stuff," how to negotiate visitors over with your crash-room roommates, etc. It would be B&W and printed on regular paper and stapled together so that anyone could download it, print some up at Kinko's, staple it into a booklet, and drop several copies on the freebie table, etc.

In the dream, I even thought to myself "When I wake up, I need to email [personal profile] rachelmanija and ask her if she wants to write it." And also started working out logistics, like making sure to introduce the characters as being at least 18 in the beginning so nobody accuses us of child pr0n or encouraging minors to have sex (even though it would be PG/PG-13 rated anyway!), and that it wouldn't be a continuous story, but instead a collection of short 1-2 page 4komas/comic strips or short comics, so that we could solicit other creators to contribute to it.

It's actually not a bad idea, really. Hmm.

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