Last night I had a dream in which I had a big building with three rooms in it, all full of Star Wars costumes and toy lightsabers, blasters, etc. All of my friends were there*. I was telling them that we got to play with everything, and that the rules were you could not hit anyone on the head, not on the face, not on the back of the head, not at all, and that you couldn't hit anyone in the neck, not on the throat, not on the sides, not in the back.

After that we all dressed up and started shooting each other, etc. It was fun - everyone was overacting and hamming it up. I remember having a toy lightsaber that was the kind that was just a flashlight, and I play-fought against two opponents who had Darth Maul-type toy lightsabers with plastic bits for the laser bit. I lost, but I put up a good fight. :)

After that, I found a big bazooka-type thing that shot foam missiles, but I woke up around that point.

*shoots you all with foam missiles*

* Not that I recognized any of them, but I knew that all my friends were there, so I expect you were, too.

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