...so I keep trying to do work today, but I'm currently on hold waiting for a process to finish before I can continue with what I'm currently doing. But this is good! Because it means I read [personal profile] kanata's journal and discovered SOMETHING AWESOME.

You remember the Awesometastic Manga of Awesomeness? The manga all about this guy who travels Japan on a train with the purpose of eating ekiben, the special bento you can buy at train stations? You don't remember? Click the link and read up from the bottom in chronological order for the full effect; I'll wait.

Anyway ... you can get it in English now. It's a digital version, available at JManga.com, titled Ekiben Hitoritabi. Go, thou, and purchase! (We've got enough enjoyment out of just the scans I put up over the years that I think it's only fair that I, and whoever else feels this way, buy a copy to let them know that YES! there is a market for this manga here! I see so many hits on those images in my stats that I know they're linked hither and yon across the intartubes, hopefully at least a few of the people seeing them will go buy!)

ETA: apparently you can only access it in North America, alas for those of you not in NA. :(

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Tags: awesometastic manga of awesomeness
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