Site help!

http://www.condfw.org/ (er, it's coming up slowly for me right now, so it might be better to wait a few minutes)

Please let me know if you see anything that doesn't seem to be behaving normally. The Panelists link doesn't bring any up because we don't have any entered into the system yet. (although the test site page shows what it should eventually look like, if all goes well)

If you encounter a problem, please let me know your browser, version, platform, and OS. I've got two reports of weirdness so far:

-- Firefox 6 on Win7 with NoScript installed, the final menu item (Guests) drops down to the line beneath the rest of the menu

-- IE 7, Win XP Pro, "when you go to the "About the Convention" and "At the Convention" links on the front page and it offers you the drop-down menu, both of the menus run into the link below on the list and don't allow you to select the page you want to see. For example, I was trying to get to the Volunteer link from the front page "About the Convention" drop down, but it kept dropping me into the "At the Convention" section instead."


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