Guide to Reference looking for editors

Reference-type people who are looking to add experience (no money, but a discount for your institution to subscribe to GtR) to their resumes:

From an email forwarded to me:
The Guide to Reference (http://www.guidetoreference.org/) is looking for a few good editors to select and review sources. Two-year commitment preferred. These are volunteer positions, but editors’ institutions will receive a discount on their annual subscription to the Guide and editors receive annual letters commending their contributions.

Please consider this opportunity to contribute to a tool that instructs LIS students and reference staff, and assists with immediate reference and chat queries.

DIVISION EDITORS are needed to coordinate the work of contributing editors in:
* History and Area Studies
Please see details and application form at: http://www.guidetoreference.org/DynamicContent.aspx?ctype=35

CONTRIBUTING EDITORS are needed for the following subjects and language clusters:

General Reference Works:
* Bibliography—National Bibliographies and Catalogs; Encyclopedias; and Language Dictionaries; in many language clusters, including Chinese
* Dissertations

History and Area Studies:
* North Africa

* Various Non-English literatures; sources largely suited for an English-speaking audience

Social Sciences:
* Sociology
* Gender Studies (shared)

Science, Technology, & Medicine:
* Astronomy
* Agriculture
* Chemistry
* Environmental Studies

Please see details and application form at: http://www.guidetoreference.org/DynamicContent.aspx?ctype=8

Areas of need change frequently, so please send any questions to: greditor@ala.org

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