Raptor alert!

Seen for a short time on the brick fence behind our house from the bathroom window. He was also in shadow, so it was hard to tell if colors were brown or grey, for instance.

Dark back, very leggy, barred tail - dark tail with horizontal dark bars on it. Breast white and brown - looked like brown, er not stripes, but vertical brown feathers or streaky-type marks (I should learn this bird terminology!). Beak looked kind of like it had a dark tip on it.

It was a kind of hawk-like, falcon-like thing. And now that I've gotten all I remember written down, off to the intertubes to search for possible identifications!

ETA: Breast like the ones the merlins are showing, but a tail more like a Cooper's hawk. I'm leaning towards a juvenile Cooper's for now.

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Tags: bird, house
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