Well, that was exciting...

About an hour ago the power went off. We decided to go for a walk since we'd been thinking about doing that anyway, and found out that a couple of houses north of us, all the houses had power. South of us, none.

Our neighbors were out on the corner looking southwest a couple if miles or so, past the large ridge that will be the tollway in a couple of years. We joined them, and down that way was a huge orange glow--fire. We could hear firetrucks screaming that way.

We all stood around for 20 minutes or so, quite glad the wind was blowing away from us, and speculating. Our best guess is that something happened at the power substation down that way which sparked off a grass fire.

Eventually it died away as they got control of the fire. Toby and I walked out to the main road and all the houses north and south on the other side were dark, so the mystery is not why our half the road was dark, but why their half the road had power.

Anyway, Toby and I went on our walk and back into the house, and just after we found a candle and lit it, the power came back on.

I had my hair cut and colored in a kind of wacky way today, so it's full of product and between that and the wind blowing on my head for 45 minutes, I have some truly spectacular hair at the moment. I posted a pic to Twitpic; go to my Twitter account at twitter.com/telophase for the URL. I do not know if you need to be logged into Twitter to see it.

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