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So I bought the new Pets add-on for Sims 3 and messed about with it. Verdict: not as entertaining as when I made Nefer and Sora into humans.

It took me an hour to set our little family up once again. There's a new system that will allow you to make your Sims pet look EXACTLY like your own pet, using layers and stuff to layer up layers of coloring. In layers. I messed about with it, trying to get Nefer right and getting extremely frustrated, then deleted it and just made Nefer using a stock cat. Which turned out to be a good thing, because for the most part? Your pets are TINY and all that detail is totally not seen. I ended up making Nefer from a stocky tabby cat and Sora from a skinny Oriental breed in tabby, and gave Nefer a red collar and Sora a purple one.

Not that you can see the collars most of the time.

That's a phone photo of the screen, since I can't figure out a way to take an in-game screenshot of that screen. :)

Here is our happy little family, outside the new house we just bought.

Toby and I are totally focused on each other while a cat lurking in the background, thinking of jellyfish.

Sora and Nefer square off to have a spat.

Toby tries to go make friends with Sora, who is having none of it and is lurking behind a bush thinking bad thoughts about Toby. Yes, I gave Sora the temperament traits of Skittish and Shy. :) I forgot what the third trait he got was. Nefer is Clean and Friendly and...something else.

Toby gives up on Sora and picks up Nefer. Nefer would not stand for this in real life.

I go inside and read, as I have the Bookworm trait, while the cats square off once again.

Toby comes by and we have a MOment as the cats discuss food.

We decide to groom the cats, Sora allowing Toby to brush him, while I brush Nefer. This is actually fairly close to realistic - Nefer loves me to Furminate here while Sora will only tolerate Toby doing it, for whatever reason.

The doorbell rings! Toby and I both ignore it to feed the cats, as I believe we both ahve the Loner trait.

We then both go about our business as our visitors stand outside the door.

Eventually I start to feel guilty and invite them in.

The guests decide to watch television, whereupon Toby shows off his awesome social skills by stading in between them and the television for a while.

Nefer makes friends with the lady in red.

Sora tells everyone he hates me.

Meanwhile, Nefer goes outside, sits on the newspaper, and takes a bath.

I try to entertain her by talking about flies, while she tells me how much she hates yeti. Or perhaps Japanese snow monkeys. The icon is a little indistinct.

She then goes and uses the litterbox.

Two of our guests follow her in to admire our lovely yellow bathroom.

Toby's Sim receives a goal of picking up a pet and petting them while holding them, so I set him to pick Nefer up, as Sora still runs from him.

By this time, I'm tired of the guests so I have Toby go throw them all out.

Mission accomplished, he sits his ass down and watches television while Sora heads to the toy box. I'm over in the kitchen, failing to make mac and cheese.

Nefer goes to sleep.

Sora like his purple mousie.

Sora plays while Toby and I choke down the charred remains of the mac and cheese I screwed up.

When we finish, I am highly entertained by Sora's antics while Toby gets stuck between me and the wall and can't move.

He gets more and more irritated until I walk off. Leaving my dirty bowl on the table, as I have the Slob trait while Toby has the Neat trait and cleans up after himself. I foresee strain in our relationship over this.

I hop into bed while Toby breaks the toilet.

Sora goes outside, and much to my delight I discover he can shred the newspaper, so I set him to doing that.

A raccoon wanders by and tumps over the garbage can. Sora heads over to it, and I discover that one of the interaction options he has with the can is Freak Out so I tell him to do that.

Sora doesn't like the garbage can or the raccoon. :)

He comes back inside and curls up in his bed. We all sleep peacefully, Nefer dreaming of the time when she was a human and put out a fire.

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