I just wonder why the people who kindly collate all the links to Yuletide letters into a spreadsheet don't put them in with each request in a separate row. Right now, it's excellent if you're sorting by requester's name, and terrible if you want to sort by fandom. You have to do a ctrl-f and search for the fandom's name, which takes much longer and assumes you know what you're looking for and spelling it correctly.

My first guess is that it's easier, except that it's really not significantly easier - right now, in order to make it, each individual element has to be copied and pasted and to make it sortable by fandom, you'd just c&p onto different lines, then highlight the URL and requester's name, copy, and paste two more times.

(ETA: Or do what I just did, which is download the table, c&p it 4 times (once for each of the request columns) then delete the extraneous column in each section.)

(ETA2: Turns out there's a little button at the bottom, in faded-out text, that says "Letters by Fandom A-Z" which will sort them in fandom order for you.)

(Not participating this year; just poking about looking at them in case anything sounds interesting.)

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