Living room update

So we're mostly done with the living room, and are asking the hivemind about how to prop a picture up so the cats won't knock it over (hah!).

We're putting pictures up above the bookcases, and have three now. We actually have a bunch - we were thinking of maps originally, but found three books that were collections of old views of Rome, Paris, and London, which have maps and old paintings and stuff, and they all come out easily, so we can swap out whenever we want. And they're all 11x14", so we got three frames of that size (no larger because (a) omg the expense for bigger frames and mats and (b) the prints are different shapes, so having mats would mean it would be harder to swap them out) .

Toby went to hang them, and he propped them up on the bookshelves against the wall, and ... turns out we really like that look. Problem is, the cats get up there (note cat tree to right and no it can't be moved or how else are the cats going to watch birds) and rub their heads against the frames or lie down next to them and push them a bit and, eventually, bam! over they tumble.

So -- ideas on how to brace them or fix them down so that they can't get knocked over, and yet are easy to remove to swap out pictures?

We don't yet have a side table and lamp for the couch. That's on the list. :)

And yes that thing leaning against the wall in picture 1 is a barometer. Toby's parents gave it to us. They have another, smaller one that Toby was thinking of when he first mentioned it to his parents -- we got the clock to put on the brick wall above the chair and thought a barometer would fit nicely. But they brought both and told us to pick one, and this one looked nifty and the darker wood went with the room. And now we think it's big enough to hold that space by itself and it's got a clock on top anyway, so we're trying to work out where to put the clock. :)

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