Testing has shown that our cheapass printer* does not print straight on sample pre-cut wedding invitation** enclosures. Two potential solutions - (a) get the company we're buying the paper from to also do the printing, which is more expensive, or (b) buy the paper from them in 8.5 x 11" sizes and do the printing ourselves, but invest in a paper cutter to do the cutting ourselves, which will take more time. Option (c), which is to buy the full-size paper, print it ourselves, and get Kinkos, pardon me, FedExKinkos, to do the cuts, is also a possibility.

The paper company is happy to provide a free quote and will do up a sample invite (which they charge for), so we'll do that to see if it's worth the $$, or if doing it ourselves saves a decent amount of money even with the cost of ink cartridges, cutting or cutter, and the amount of profanity that accompanies any transaction with our cheapass printer.

* Got rid of my ginormous good one after I realized I had used it twice in a year, and that all the ink was dried up so that I'd have to spend $100+ on all new ink tanks if I wanted to make another print. Decided to make a resolve to only want prints of my non-fanart so I could send them off to one of the many online print services instead. It's cheaper all around. At any rate, I'm unsure that even it would have been able to print perfectly straight on 6.5x4.5" paper.

* Spelled out for you. You know who you are.

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