Invitation supplies: ordered. Including the $75 extra for them to partially assemble the bits that can be partially assembled. I figured out how many 8.5 x 11" sheets of paper needed for the various enclosures, and ordered that many plus a bit more for screw-ups. Kinkos can do the cuts.

Now, of course, to go order forever stamps in the wedding design, as GOD FORBID we not have wedding-themed stamps on the wedding invitations.

If you expect a wedding invitation and I have not got into contact with you to confirm name spelling and address, please let me know! I live in fear that we're accidentally leaving people off the list who want to come (and it's happened once already eek!). (Note: the ceremony is a very small one with immediate family only, but the reception is where everyone's invited. I also am planning for extra invitations for those inevitable awkward times we screw up and forget someone.)

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