Back from visiting family for Christmas. I made my mom a quilt using fabrics we'd bought back when we lived in Africa and UTTERLY FORGOT to take photos of it, because I hadn't actually made the thing, just cut all the pieces for it out thanks to two colds in a row, so we hauled the sewing machine down and I spent all day the 25th at the in-laws' place sewing them together and sewing the backing and batting on, and then all day the 27th at Mom's place doing the quilting.

Aaand somehow in the trip from one relatives' place to the other, my machine quit working. Luckily, Mom still had hers (which is my old machine she refused to give up, bah), so we pressed it into service. Stick in the ditch all the way down, then hand-quilt (because the machines are small enough to make it annoying) along a few pieces here and there to prevent the batting from wadding up in the wash, and hey presto there you go.

I told Mom that if she shows it off to her fiber-arts friends, that she should imply that I made it when I was eight. (She said "I'll tell them 'My daughter would like you to think she sewed it when she was eight.'") Also, I shall never quilt again. Now, I may certainly piece a quilt in the future but dear God I haaate the quilting part with a passion and find it well worth the copious amounts of money it takes to mail the top off to a person who will quilt and back it and mail it back. (Not to mention they'll do a much better job than the half-ass one I do with it!)

Anyway, forgot to take a photo of it with all that hassle happening. I'll get Mom to do so at some point.

The broken machine's motor runs, but it doesn't move the sewing bit. It *sounds* like it's trying to wind a bobbin, but that mechanism doesn't work and switching it back and forth produces no results, so I'll have to find a Brother repair place somewhere nearby and take it in. Maybe it's just a belt slipped off or something.

Anyway, in other news I've found a nail polish base that fills in the horrid pits and ridges that randomly show up in my nails (Genetic, it seems. Mom's do the same). NailTek Foundation II - two coats and when I put polish on top of it, it almost thoroughly disguised the dents. I think next time I'll try three, which might completely fill them.

Also, I have to say WTF?! to the person on Amazon who gave it a low rating, and said it wasn't shiny when used as a top coat, while mentioning that they knew it was a base coat. HELLO. Please do not fault a product for not doing something it was not actually designed to do.

Going to go out soon and compare Kindles at Best Buy. We'll probably also have birthday dinner out somewhere, but not sure where yet.

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