Mom's quilt!

Mom sent me a couple of phone photos of the quilt I made her from our African cloth.

I had a hard time finding the ground fabric for the colorful cloth to lie against, because I knew I wanted it to be black as all the other pieces had some black in them, and I knew I didn't want it a solid, as it needed to provide a little bit of pattern and texture for cat fur and other things to hide against. :) I didn't like what we came up with much, although I liked it ebtter than anything else, but once it got sewn together it turned out fine - the faint pattern of spots fades into the background and the colorful patterns of the African cloth shows up more.

It was a bit hellish to make, as the African cloth was (a) 35 years old and (b) not very good to start with and (c) some of it had been used as tablecloths at the time and washed and re-washed. So the fabric was stretchy in different ways, the printed patterns weren't straight, and there was a tendency to fray. Not to mention 35-year-old stains and faded bits from where some of it ha been exposed to sunlight. But I soldiered on, deciding that it was all part of the history of the fabric. :)

Mom likes it. And I've got a bunch of fabric left over, which I mmmmight piece together into a crazy-quilt sort of thing, although OH DEAR GOD I am not doing the quilting and backing myself.

And that's provided I get my machine fixed.

For the pattern, click on my "quilt" tag for the entries on my previous quilt. This one I actually made the correct length! Woo! And I got 6 yards of the ground fabric just to be safe, as my back-of-the-envelope calculations said it would require 4.7 yards. My calculations seem to have been correct.

ETA: I also adjusted the pattern a bit - VM's original called for pattern stripes of 1", 2", 3" and 4" in width, and I found sewing the 1" strips annoying, so I switched to 2", 3", 4", and 5" instead, which leads to, well, wider stripes. I like the look of the thinner stripes periodically appearing, but I like not having to sew them better.

ETA2: I quilted this without the walking foot on the machine - I forgot to bring it for my machine, and as I had to use Mom's machine, it wouldn't have mattered anyway. AAAARRRGGHHH! The feed dogs on the bottom plate fed the bottom covering through the machine, but with the batting and the top of the quilt on top of it, that didn't get fed through so I had to pull it by hand. A walking foot pulls the top layers through, which makes the quilting MUCH EASIER.

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