Great Masters Disasters is still going, despite me being ill. I've just put up a post on Ingres' squashed Madame Riviere, and Thursday and Friday's posts went up as previously scheduled. :) (I'll claim I took Monday off in honor of MLK Jr Day, instead of taking it off in honor of my-computer-is-dead-day.)

And now, I'm looking for fellow bloggers! Rewards: intrinsic! Or, at least, the pleasure of looking through lots of classic art and finding mistakes! (And a share of the fantabulous loot from any ad revenue that comes in if I ever bother to monetarize it or if Cheezburger buys it out. So, you know, TOTALLY GUARANTEED! XD) But mostly intrinsic! Bonus points if you've got a Facebook page and are willing to help get GMD onto FB and monitor conversations there.

You can comment here or at the Dreamwidth crosspost. comment count unavailable comments at Dreamwidth.
Tags: great masters disasters
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