Wedding nattering

Food truck: in the process of booking. Looks like we'll have the Crazy Sisters truck, which does street-style tacos, Mexican grits, and an option of hamburgers for those who are unadventurous eaters. And they supply the non-alcoholic drinks for the non-drinkers in the group.

Desserts: am in the process of booking as well. We're getting a wide variety of miniature desserts from Bonnell's Texas Cuisine instead of a cake. I ordered 20 dozen - I'd rather have leftovers than run out at a WEDDING. That supplies 3 and a fraction for each of 75 guests, and if you order the dessert sampler at Bonnell's, you get 3, so it seems like a reasonable amount.

Card box: okay, you convinced me, after rolling my eyes online at them, that some people really appreciate it when a card box is present at the reception. However, I am not having a typical one at OUR wedding! I am, instead, eyeballing ThinkGeek's TARDIS cookie jar, which has the bonus of leaving us with a TARDIS cookie jar after all is said and done. It makes the TARDIS noise when you close it, apparently, which could allow people to disguise their slipping of something into the box by pretending to marvel at the noise, or could be highly embarrassing and annoying. We'll decide whether or not to remove the battery before the reception if we go this route. :)

Favors: weddingchannel.com had a sale on some personalized favors and I was itching to buy something, so we will be supplying our guests at the EXTRAVAGANCE THAT IS US with personalized napkins, beer mats, and Hershey's minis. If you don't leave our wedding with a pleasant buzz (provided you drink) and a sugar coma, WE ARE DOING IT WRONG.

I also found a tutorial for DIY cherry branch decorations that would easily make plum branch decorations with a bit of color tweaking, and am considering this because OMG SO MUCH CHEAPER THAN REAL FLOWERS.

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