Signs I was not meant to come to work today...

1) Waking up from one of those dreams wherein the emotional feeling is a whole lot worse than the actual content (grief and despair, way out of proportion to the actual content. Also, frustration from attempting to type "carapace beetle" into Google on my phone in the dream, in order to find out how to care for three turtle-size insects named "carapace beetles" that were roaming around the room I had as a teenager. Plus bonus snapping turtles). Woke from that at 6:40 and said NOPE NO MORE SLEEP.

2) Entering "2:75" into the microwave instead of "2:45" when I wanted two and three-quarters minutes, and staring in confusion when it calculated that to be 3:15 and started in with that.

3) Misspelling my own name in a response to the contact at the brewery we're having the reception at, and not noticing until after I sent the email off.

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Tags: state of camp telophase
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