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Looks like I won something in the Worldbuilders lottery. The author Patrick Rothfuss spearheads an annual fundraising lottery for Heifer International. Basically, you donate to HI, lots of people donate prizes to the draw, and after it's all said and done, names are drawn from the people who donated and prizes mailed out.

I got a package today containing hardcover editions of Signing Their Lives Away, about the men who signed the Declaration of Independence, and Signing Their Rights Away, about the men who signed the Constitution. Both signed by the authors.

They were accompanied by a letter signed by Patrick Rothfuss (that obviously went out to all prizewinners) that suggest that if we winners don't like our prizes we can give them to a library, give them away as a present, or send them back to the Worldbuilders foundation and they'll put them back into next year's prize drawing.

I have no idea what I'll do as I haven't read them yet. If I decide not to keep them after I've read them, I probably won't donate them to the library I work for as I think they're aimed at a slightly less academic crowd than the university serves (although they're not kids' books, necessarily, just pop history), and the library would have to get rid of the nice foldup covers that contain copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Cosntitution. (I must say I prefer the font choice in the Constitution book to the other one.)

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