While gel nails are quite good at preventing the normal chips and splits I inflict on my nails on a daily basis as I, for some reason, insist on using them as tools, unlike what the beauty industry keeps telling me I should do, they are not, in fact, very good at preventing damage derived from accidentally slamming my hand into the locking mechanism of a bathroom door.

On the bright side, it took three days for the nail to actually split, and it didn't go down into the quick so it was relatively painless, so provided I don't rip off more nails between now and then it should look fine for the wedding.

I was hoping to avoid another trip to the nail place before the wedding but it turns out that when I'm not ripping and chipping my nails like usual they actually grow pretty fast. They're not into talon territory by any means (after all, I don't yet need to type in that weird way that uses the pads of your fingers to avoid hitting them), but they're longer than I prefer and I keep accidentally scratching myself. :P

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