As per my previous post, here's a pic of the musicians at the barber shop.

You can't see the washtub too well--it's the silver/grey thingy framed by the legs of the guy in the middle (who, you'll note, is drinking a longneck at 4PM on a Friday in a barbershop). Something I learned that I didn't know before is that you play the washtub bass by moving the pole around to control the tautness of the string to produce different sounds - I'd always vaguely assumed that you shortened or lengthened the string with your fingers.

When the guy in the middle asked if they had a name for their group, the singer said "Paranoia--because we're a pair o'guys and we annoy ya." Great laughs were had by all. Although I think maybe their group names is "Free Guitars While Supplies Last" because someone had taped a cardboard sign to the door of the barber shop that said that.

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