Signal boost and Avengers

1) Signal boost: - [personal profile] green_knight is freelancing and needs work to solve an immediate cashflow problem (you freelancers on my f-list will understand the annoyance of corporate clients not paying for a few months). sartorias can vouch for her work. She's up for just about anything, research, editing, German translation, Wordpress development, photographic stuff, data organization. Quoting:
If you have a job you wish to outsource - nothing too small or tedious - please do that. What's it worth to you to save yourself a couple of hours trawling through the internet? Or trudging to a library? Or cleaning up that file? Or sorting through that humungous pile of photographs? Or...

If you're a writer in need of developmental editing, copy editing, or translation to and from German, please *do* contact me so we can work something out.

If you know someone who doesn't read this journal, but who might be able to help me out; please point them at this post.

I can also do Wordpress development (including adapting templates and basic PHP); I'm an experienced photographer with an extensive library, and I'm a very experienced developer of Filemaker databases and can provide solutions for your data organisation/presentation/crunching needs.

2) Avengers: Also, we saw Avengers again, and, yup, the Hulk is still my favorite. Not a surprise: I'm always a fan of the big angry one in pretty much any teamup*. Raphael, after all, is my favorite Ninja Turtle.** It makes me want to see a movie with the Hulk, but the problem is that I want to see Ruffalo's Hulk. Toby tells me the second Hulk movie is not heinous, but it probably wouldn't scrath the itch. (I suppose it's too much to ask if there's gen movie-Avengers Hulk fic out there yet?)

* And in non-ensemble situations, any big(-gish) guy with a wee sidekick does it for me. Which means that I was destined to be a Sanzo fan from day one: angry with a wee sidekick? Oh yeah!

** I have heard RUMORS about Michael Bay's TMNT movie. IT DOES NOT EXIST.

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