And also: Name of the Wind - FINISHED. Review: Enh. Readable, but not captivating. I'll probably pick up the sequel when I'm next in the mood for big fat fantasy, but I'm not feeling the urge to immediately read it. It helped that I knew Kvothe was a Gary Stu of Stus going in, otherwise it would probably have put me off.

In the fiction queue: Scalzi's Redshirts, Van Name's Slanted Jack*, and Burgis' Renegade Magic.

* A milSF series about man and his sentient tank. I read the first one some time ago and liked it in that popcorn-reading sort of way. Tried SJ once and wandered off a short way in, but there's a couple more later in the series that sound more interesting so I'm going to give SJ another try first.

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