Certainly a sensible weakness

telophase possesses the power to spit blinding light from her knife toward a single assailant, however doing so drains her speed for six seconds. She has been known to create shadow out of thin air and she is known for her outstanding ability to regenerate, but she must speak words of power to do so. telophase has mastered the ability to block electricity and deflect them toward a distant area and she has developed all of the powers and talents of a fox, but only when scared. She also has the power to make duplicates of herself, but using this power makes her gigantic for one day. telophase has learned to view distant locations with her mind. Shamefully, telophase has a weakness of being weak.

Get your random superpowers.

ETA: I kind of like my second try:

telophase can make duplicates of herself. She likewise has the ability to become camouflaged and she has learned to deflect vibrations. telophase has been known to spin like a whirlwind and she has mastered the ability to transform any vampire into a parrot, however never when well-rested. She conquers rivals using a frightening proboscis and she has the power to skim the memories of others. telophase developed the talent to force earthworms to freeze in place, but only against a frog. Sadly, telophase becomes clueless in the presence of titanium.

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