hate my knees haaaaaaaate

So I've of course managed to re-injure my knees doing EXACTLY THE THING I tell other people not to do, which is pushing it before they're fully healed. Today, I took the elevator up one floor to go to the Bistro and got back to the elevator as it was closing and thought "Oh what can one floor hurt? They feel FINE." And went back down to my office.

Yeah. Not fine. Got down the stairs okay but by the time I got back to my office I was limping. Bah.

Modified training tonight - went for deadlifts, which do not involve me bending my knees too far, instead of squats. Possibly even that was inadvisable but GAH. (nothing extra hurting, at least.)

Going to take ibuprofen, possibly lay a heating pad over them, and go to bed.

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Tags: whinging
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