Yup, with medication changes, it's pretty clear that my migraines were being encouraged by something I"d been taking before. We just spent 40 minutes in the backyard hacking at bushes and reinstalling our soaker hose and while my head isn't AOK, it's not migrainey either. Used to be, 10 minutes in the heat and I'd have a raging migraine for the rest of the day. Instead, at about 40 minutes in I realized I was getting lightheaded and weak-feeling, probably due to dehydration, and quit, leaving Toby to finish gathering up the branches I'd cut off.

So: yay. (And a couple of glasses of water and lying on the couch for a while made me much better.)

So last week the yard people came and removed the broken tree, and round the stump down and rearranged the rocks in the area so you can't tell there was ever a tree there. There's a big hole in the general yard decor, though, which makes us feel slightly more exposed to the road beyond the brick fence. :) Anyway, there's a few juniper-looking bushes there and I went and hacked at their bases on the assumption that if they were juniper we could train them to grow up instead of out and provide a bit more sound insulation from the traffic. And then I hacked at a few more bushes -- one crape myrtle I"m turning into a treelike thing because there's a small path from the stone paved area to the grassy area that I"d like to be able to walk through without dodging branches.* And there was one growing near the house that was getting aggressively large, so I hacked the branches down so it would be more bushlike instead of treelike.

We'll see what happens.

* Naturally it'll probably turn out to be the wrong time of year for doing this or something but oh well.

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