I washed my Fitbit today.

The Fitbit is a fancy pedometer with the same sort of tech that the Wii uses to measure your motion. I managed to forget to unclip it from my bra before throwing it in the wash today.

It tracks various things--I'd have posted the Steps Taken graph instead except that the Calories Burned graph is more colorful. :D (It also thinks I climbed 4 floors during the time in the washing machine. Toby and I find what it tracks as floors amusing.)

I have high hopes of it surviving - as you can see, it was in contact with the base station and updating through its trip, and as I buried it in dry white rice to sit overnight and dry out, the display flashed at me like normal. Poking about on the intartubes reveals that it's a bit more likely to survive a trip through an high efficiency machine like we have than a normal one. Fingers crossed!

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Tags: exercise
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