More ads!

Okay, try 2 and try 3 of the ConDFW ads. Whaddaya think? (I've got to get this in by today, anyway, so I can't spend much more time redoing it. XD)

The ad's in the FenCon program book at 8x5" 300PPI so the smaller text, which is 12 point font, will look just fine on the page.

Important bits: dates, guests of honor, new hotel (named similarly to the previous hotel). I didn't mention in yesterday's post that the ADDITIONAL complication for this particular ad is that we're going to be held in the same hotel as FenCon is being held in, and this ad is running in the FenCon program book. :D

ETA: Aaaand a new version, which I think I'll be going with unless I get a better idea in the next hour or two. (I did print it out and check the QR code to make sure it worked at that size and resolution!)

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