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Back from the weekend's doings. My cousin's baby shower was this weekend, and thanks to reading a post from one of you months back, when I saw the Sophie on her registry, I bought it. The Sophie is a rubber squeaky toy in the shape of a giraffe, which claims to stimulate all of baby's five senses (the natural rubber smell included!), and which is French and thus expensive. Apparently babies adore Sophie, despite the parents' skepticism.

Folk wisdom has it, my cousin tells me, that if you run Sophie through the dishwasher the squeaker is disabled without other damage to the toy. The baby will, alas, have to cope with having only four senses stimulated, but the parents will breathe a sigh of relief.

The shower was in a town south of Austin and one of our Austin-area friends had a birthday, so Toby drove down with me and I dropped him off for the party, so that worked out well.

I spent Friday night in Austin and Saturday night with my mom in the small town, in a hotel run by a couple that Mom characterizes as the parking Nazi and the holistic healer. The hotel is small and has one parking space for each room, so the husband eyeballs anyone parking there, and demands to know if you've made arrangements if you park in a space for a different room. When I drove in, we went to the office and got permission to park in a space assigned to an empty room, as Mom's car was occupying our room's space, but that info hadn't been passed on to the husband, who gave me the stink-eye until we explained. He got the "Nazi" appellation from Mom because, if you pull into the office's small parking lot and park in a non-approved direction (note that the spaces are not marked), he makes you go out and re-park in the approved direction before checking you in.

The wife is very much into holistic healing, herbs, etc. and will talk at length on the subject in your direction if you accidentally set her off. For those of you thinking "But don't you live in Texas?!" yes, we still live in Texas, but this is the small green, organic, liberal, artsy heart of Texas. Most Texans who wish to stay Texans and are sympathetic to these ideas migrate in the general direction of Austin and it's surroundings. You'd almost think you were in California, if not for the cedar fever and terrible heat. Anyway, Sunday morning the wife went on and on to another couple who were encouraging her by saying things like "I don't eat eggs because I have high cholesterol and I don't want to take medicine!" To whcih she replied that she NEVER takes medicine, especially not after she discovered that turmeric prevents inflammation, and she makes her own pills with bulk turmeric, buying empty capsules and using a pill-making machine, and taking one of these every day.

It took all I had not to quote Tim Minchin at her: "You know what they call alternate medicine that works? Medicine."

At any rate, par for the course and pretty much what we experience every time we go visit family down there. The hotel is rather nice, a series of room/cabins set in a wooded area, and you often see deer wandering around in the morning.

And then Toby and I both seem to have contracted some sort of tummy bug, ugh. :P

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