Ebook alert!

Cocaine Blues (Phryne Fisher #1), by Kerry Greenwood, is currently free in the Amazon US Kindle store!

I discovered the price after reading [personal profile] meganbmoore's review of the Mrs. Bradley Mysteries TV series and being reminded of Greenwood's series. I'd wanted to try reading the series before, but the books weren't available in ebook format at the time and I've grown averse to buying hard-copy books because I fail to finish so many, and they just pile up, and I'm already out of shelf space.* I checked to see if they were available yet, and ... paydirt!

Oh, and the other books in this series appear to be at very low prices, too, at the moment. I'll ahve to read CB first and grab them all if I like it.

ETA: Now with actual link included!

* A perennial condition no matter what, I admit.

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