Animal photos!

Went to the Dallas World Aquarium with puppleball and a few other friends today. Pictures below the cut.

Looking down at the Tunnel o'Fish -- this exhibit is a Central American cenote, and you can walk trhough a tunnel at the bottom and look up at sharks, sawfish, rays, etc.

Ugly fish!

Sad owl is sad. (He was actually sleepy and trying to stay awake, but succumbed to slumber shortly after I took this picture.)

The Toby in his natural habitat: online.

The Toby noticing a sawfish


Checkered fish!

Serious monkey is serious.

There's actually an anaconda just out of frame, but I didn't get a good picture of her.

Dramatic monkey emotes.

HAWT XXX ACTION! (As we are all twelve years old in our hearts, this was the high point of the trip.)


This is pretty much how you saw the tamarins as theyw ere zipping at top speed throughout the enclosure.

Large catfish!

Roseate spoonbill.

Pensive tree kangaroo.

There will probably be more later, as Toby sent me the pics from his phone.

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