Thoughts on James Bond

We always knew it: James Bond/Aston Martin OTP!!!1!

Backtracing a hacking by stripping the headers?! That's lame even by the standards of technobabble.

Komodo dragons don't quite work that way: they don't bite something then drag it off into their lair to eat. They bite, then follow it around the island until it dies of the infection, because their saliva has some of the nastiest bacteria on the planet. Although I understand why the filmmakers did it that way, because a giant lizard biting someone, then waiting patiently for a few days doesn't really have the dramatic oomph needed during a fight scene.

And I still subscribe to the theory that "James Bond" is just a cover name for the person in the 007 position. Assuming that watching the movie is reading the file of what happened on that mission, it makes sense for it to be censored a bit so as not to blow the cover of "James Bond." :D

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