Temporary illness:

Toby and I were both subject to what was probably the shortest bout of gastrointestinal illness we've ever had. We did eat the same thing at lunch from the same place, but are unsure that it's food poisoning, partly because I have the trickier stomach of the two of us, and it hit Toby first.

Got home a bit early from work, after having got a haircut, and Toby was feeling pretty ill, which hit about 4:00. But by 6 he was back to normal, except for a lingering headache which went away with Advil. I was perfectly fine until 9:30, at which point I got the same thing: weird feelings in the gut that can't decide if they want to be cramps or not, and a distinct sense of wanting to throw up. Only it was all very strong, such that if it happened at work, I'd have called Toby to get him to take me home. I spent an hour like this, after which I realized that I felt the same whether standing up in the bathroom waiting to throw up or lying in bed, and I was very sleepy and had cold feet, so I just went to bed. I fell asleep for about an hour, then woke up feeling 99% back to normal. Went back to sleep, and I feel fine today. No headache, but it's possible I slept through it.

If it was a bug, rather than food poisoning, with a 5ish-hour incubation period, the timing would make sense if Toby picked it up from someone at lunchtime, then passed it on to me after I got home from work.

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