Posting by mail from the bedroom because I am too lazy to log in to DW and edit the previous post. This is from the same 1902 book I quoted before, and still about menopause:

“Says a late magazine writer, "The approach of the menopause is not unfrequently attended with a variety of symptoms. Besides the occurrence of the flushes of heat, the digestive derangements and the nervous depression, there is sometimes developed a class of perversions that may be said to belong to the premenopause state. This consists of a marked exaltation of the faculties and an exuberance of the imagination. Such a phase of the nervous system may supervene before the appearance of that degree of stoutness of the individual which characterizes the commencing stage of menstrual cessation. Outbursts of insanity may be a sequel of the condition, so also may attempts to undertake unequal tasks, the contracting of uncongenial marriages, the neglect of family, the formation of the habit for the stronger stimulants, and the substitution of personal inattention for thoughtfulness, for neatness of appearance, and for the exhibition of proper domestic concern. Undoubtedly the withdrawing to a considerable extent of the blood from the sexual system causes a greater distribution of that element to the brain or to the central nervous system.”

Excerpt From: Emma Frances Angell Drake. “What a woman of forty-five ought to know.”

Symptom of menopause? Bad marriages!

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