Speaking of gaming...

I'm currently playing the most recent Professor Layton game, having borrowed Toby's brother's 3DS. (Review of the 3D: it's utterly useless in the game, so I keep it turned off to extend battery power, and they've dome some computer animation to make the characters do more 3D-y movements which takes away from the charm of the game, which had a certain 2D flat animation je ne sais quoi previously.)

Toby realize he hadn't shown me the "Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin?" video for Professor Layton (note: somewhat NSFW and too lazy to go link it). In the game, you spend time tapping over the scenery to find hidden hint coins to help you solve puzzles. In the video, Ash is madly tapping on various things in the room until a coin appears. And now, thanks to this video, every time I find a hint coin, the phrase "Professor just got paid!" springs to mind, unbidden.

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