Random boring entry.

I work in the basement of the TCU library - there are windows in our office that start about four feet above the ground, at ground level, so we have a nice view of shrubbery and the inhabitants thereof - usually a random assortment of bugs and bird flocks. Today a male cardinal has taken up residence and is CONVINCED that the cardinal in the window is horning in on his territory, so he's been strutting up and down all morning, chirping angrily, and occasionally attacking the window. "WHO da man? I'M da man! WHO da man? I'M da man!"

In other news an inflatable doll of the figure in Munch's The Scream has mysteriously taken up residence inside the office.

Also, one of my rare political references, but I'm a stats monkey and like to see things like this: cartograms to give a much better idea of voter distribution than your normal red-state/blue-state map. (The amusing thing about the red-state/blue-state map is that it correlates almost exactly with pre-Civil War free state/territory and slave state/territory divisions, which just goes to show how deeply and for how long the country has been divided.

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