The novel I edited is this week's feature in the eManga newsletter! The ebook version is available in the eManga store here in pretty much whatever format you want (I have no idea if it's got DRM). It's yaoi, 18+ (I'd call it the equivalent of a category romance bodice-ripper). While I encourage you to buy it and thus get me started on earning out my advance, if you're not familiar with yaoi tropes and don't know if you want to bite, I encourage you to email me and ask about it. :) (telophase14 (at) gmail)

There's also an online free preview of the first couple of pages that goes all the way through the bit that directly references American Psycho and also shows how all the men in this are way more cognizant of the clothing that the others are wearing than any man I've ever met in real life.

(Did I really use the word "chuckled"? I hate the word. Why did I use it?)

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