We had storms come through yesterday evening. Yesterday was also trash pickup day, and our street is slightly inclined, so you can guess that there were large rivers of runoff flowing curbside, right through where the trash bins had been put out. Most people had put their bins away by the time the storm began, but a few hadn't. Wind blew open the lids of several, which most likely produced a noxious soup inside them ('round here we put trash in plastic bags before tossing, but there's always ones with holes or something else that causes nasty-smelling leaks).

And one of the bins from up the street decided to go walkabout. We caught sight of the bin majestically sailing all the way down the street--we had no idea where it came from, and it was raining pretty heavily--so didn't bother to chase it. It was a magnificent(-ly hilarious) sight, and the capper came when the bin followed the rules of the road and halted at the stop sign.

The road continues on for only one more house before ending in a tangle of bushes, so the bin's owners will be able to find it when they go looking.

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