Just what I needed

Looks like we've got weevils. Yay!

I ahve now taken the chili powders* and herbs & spices and thrown them in the deep freeze for a week Just In Case (there's a lot of things there weevils won't touch but, you know, belt and suspenders), and am about to go through the rest of the stuff in the pantry to see what I can just toss (heavily wrapped in double plastic as recommended by the OSU ag extension service advisory I dug up, as it seems they can chew holes in plastic AWESOME), and what are expensive ingredients we bought for the gluten-free cooking tests and thus will freeze for a week to kill things.

The weevils appear to be staggering across the kitchen floor and promptly expiring, so I guess some residue left from the last time exterminators came through is active, which is good, although their mere presence is still AUGH.

* You know we're Texans: we have MULTIPLE chili powders in the pantry. Plus no control over my body.

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Tags: evil weevils
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