Parallels gifts!

Hey! I got TWO, count 'em, TWO awesome stories for the Parallels fic exchange!

Shining Silver, Shining Gold
Fandom: Mushishi. A lovely story about Tanyû observing Obon. It captures the tone of the manga, and gives us a little insight into Tanyû's character and past.

On the Matter of Barbarism in the Field
Fandom: Otoyomegatari (The Bride's Stories). Henry Smith*, the anthropologist conducting fieldwork with the Eihon household, encounters a bit of culture clash. Delightful, hilarious.

And my recipient likes my work also, so that makes the day even better! So much thanks to the writers of the stories I got! I just wish I were better at explaining what I liked about them. And now you should go read them!

* Oh-ho-ho, I see what you did there, mangaka! Subtle!

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Tags: fic rec, parallels
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