Cousin married, relatives interacted with, home now. The torrents of rain that were predicted held off during the ceremony and dinner (which were both outside), and did not start deluging the area until partway into the dancing, by which point Mom, Toby, and I had already slipped away, made it back to the hotel, and gone to bed. And the rain pretty much rained itself out overnight, so while the drive home was deeply overcast, we got very little rain.

The bride and groom left the ceremony in a canoe with a "Just Married" sign mounted on back, with beer cans on strings floating behind. (They then pulled into a small pier several yards down so they could go to the reception, but it made for an amusing experience, and I bet the photos will be hilarious.) In case I didn't mention it, they--and most of the wedding party and lots and lots of the guests--are professional river guides, so it was thematically appropriate.

We are both very tired from the drive and tonight's plan is to sit on our asses and do nothing of import.

ETA: Also, despite this taking place in the Hill Country in Texas, and along a river, and the area having been soaked in rain for several days, the only mosquito bite I received all weekend was the one I just got now, on my left elbow, as I was typing this entry in.

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