Toby went and bought, like, eight bags of candy yesterday to prepare for the Trick-or-Treaters. I and he both though he'd bought too much and that we'd be squirrelling candy away to get it out of our sights and eating it over the next several weeks.

We were so wrong.

Round about 6:45 we finished dinner and turned the porch light on. We started out giving 2 pieces of candy to each kid, but by 7:15 had switched to 1 piece each. By 7:45 we were completely out of candy and they were still coming. We turned the porch light off and went for a walk around the neighborhood, and there were many, many groups of kids and parents walking around, and a number of cars parked off in the section of the neighborhood that's still being built, left there by people who'd driven in from outside the neighborhood. We got home at 8:15 and they were STILL COMING. They all respected the "porch light off, don't ring the doorbell" rule, though.

Anyway, the two best costumes this year were both boys, one around 6 or 7 years old dressed as a NASA astronaut, and one about 10 or 12 who was dressed as a green plastic Army man, who put his base down, posed, and rang the doorbell so that we opened the door to a perfectly frozen figure. :D It was a fairly good homemade costume created from green duct tape, I think, and not one of the ones you can buy. Many, many photos of similar costumes on Google Images, if you're some sort of furriner and not familiar with them.

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