Annual Christmas gift charity thing

At work we usually partner with a local charity that gets gifts for kids in crisis--either taken into care, or they and a parent are escaping from a domestic abuse situation, etc. We get cards with a fake name for the kid (to preserve anonymity), their basic info, and some gift wishes.

I went through the cards on the board and got the geekiest one I could find. "Nathaniel" is a 12 year old boy, who has listed under the Gift Wish section:

Bookstore gift card
Magician items
Legos (Lord of the Rings)

I have no idea if "Magician items" means a magic kit, or if it means he like Gandalf a lot, or if there's something out there in the 12-year-old world that fits that description. At the very least, I'll get him a Barnes and Noble gift card, and something from the LEGO LotR line, along with a receipt in case he's already got it. But perhaps a couple of books that he might like in addition to this? That I can get at my local B&N so I can enclose a gift receipt, as he may not be able to return them to Amazon, as I have no idea what his situation is.


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