We bought this for Toby's parents for Christmas--a puzzle made from a satellite map with your house at the center of it. It came in today. Naturally, they got the zip code wrong, so it's of a house with the same street address near Plantersville, and not the one near Huntsville that they actually live at. Sigh.

And it's not my fault: the correct zip code is on the order slip included with the puzzle, but the photo of the completed picture they include with the puzzle is of the wrong area and has the wrong zip on it!

It's not the only present we've got them so it's a minor annoyance and not a big problem, but I'm not sure now whether to get it replaced (and if the company will get it correct!) or just send it back and ask for a refund. I sent email into customer service, but don't expect a response back until sometime after Christmas (of course).

We were just looking forward to putting it togehter over Christmas!

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Tags: whinging
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