So here's the story...

To understand this, you need to know that...

(a) our library decorates the lobby with "READ" posters made from photos of TCU student athletes holding books.
(b) there is an improv comedy group on campus that has a joking rivalry with the library that started when they posted a video called "50 Questions" and the library responded with "50 Answers."

So. This morning, guess what mysteriously appeared in the lobby, unheralded by anyone?

Sorry about the quality: they were taken with my cameraphone and messed about with in Photoshop to lighten the exposure enough for you to (hopefully) see the book titles.

The SACS group recently did another 50 Questions video in which one of the questions was "When do we get to be on READ posters?" and our answer was "Come talk to us!" (And also apparently, "April Fool's Day 2014." :D)

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