Arg headache

Headache. Maybe due to the storms coming in, maybe due to Toby waking me up at 5AM. :) He heard something that sounded like 4 knocks on the front door, and his brain went immediately to "home invasion!" so he jumped out of bed, turned the light on (which is what woke me up), and tore out of the room with no explanation. He spent some time out of the room, during which I was mostly fuming that if he turned the light on just because a cat had thrown up (which is what usually wakes us up), then I was going to be so angry. After a bit he came back, having discovered nothing wrong, and explained it, after which I was still grumpy because now I didn't have a rally good reason to be grumpy (you know how that goes). We looked around more after we got up for real and discovered nothing out of place, so the current working hypotheses are (a) Toby dreamed it or (b) pranksters knocking on doors and running.

Other than that, it's been mostly dull around here. Well, I lie. Nefer had to go in to the vet Thursday and got 4 teeth out--3 were holey and 1 was a tiny one the vet thought she might have damaged as she was removing another, so removed it also but didn't charge us for it--and spent a couple of days locked up in the spare bedroom so we could check if she was eating or not, since Sora eats food from every dish that's out. She wasn't eating by Friday noon so Toby went to the vet and got some super-stinky food that the vet characterized as "Wendy's hamburgers for cats" and an anti-nausea pill. She still didn't eat the super-stinky food, nor her favorite food (saltine crackers, wtf?), so I came home early and we tag-teamed her, held her down wrapped in a towel, and shoved a portion of the pill down her throat. By the end of the day, it looked like she'd nosed into the stinky food a a bit, and by Saturday morning she had definitely eaten and hit the litterbox. So, yay. She wanted to come out of the spare bedroom then, so we let her out.

By Sunday afternoon she was begging me for pieces of raw chicken as I was prepping food for dinner, so I think she's all better now. :)

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Tags: migraine, nefer
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