I came, I bathed, I conquered?

The lake house we stayed at this weekend shared a small swimming pool with a few other houses. There was a concrete enclosure with columns and other decorative elements around the pool, intended to evoke Tuscany. And because there's nothing more Tuscan than Julius Caesar conquering Britain, it had inscribed above it: VENI VEDI VICI.

But. But but but. I am given to understand that the proper word there in the middle is 'vidi,' not 'vedi,' and Googling on my phone (I'm at lunch right now) produces seriously mixed results, so I put it to you, intartubes: is that an alternate spelling, a misspelling, or some sort of pun?

(Really. If it's an alternate or misspelling, what sort of quote is that to put above a swimming pool, anyway?!)

edit: Answer in DW comments: thanks, [personal profile] sophisted!

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