Burger no kami-sama

Hamburger Game (YouTube) Three Japanese friends try to hit 10 burger chains in LA in one day. Megwin is a YouTube celebrity in Japan, I gather, which is why the videos have a lot of the feel of those Japanese game/variety shows where people talk about stoicism and effort and stuff while doing absolutely ridiculous things (but...you don't have the heads of a celebrity panel superimposed on the video showing their reaction as they watch, so that's a good thing).

Anyway. His impression of burgers in Jack in the Box commercials: "They look fresh and cylindrical." Yup, pretty accurate.

It's 5 videos in total, which should automagically play one after the other if I've got the correct URL. I've only seen the first 3, through Carl's Jr, as of this posting.

(Post title is what I think he's saying at one point as the subtitles say "Burger God.")

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